Euro Crunch Scene

The Champion Casino announces an epochal turn: if you only played in Swiss francs from birth to this part, you can now bet in Euros.

The European uniform will be the only protagonist on tables reserved for games such as chemin de fer, poker cash and craps, while the other tables may also be used by Swiss francs.

In partial consolation of the Swiss franc, the Swiss uniform will remain the only one allowed for slot machines .

A real revolution that is a sign of the times, whose advancement can not be swamped even by the salt of Champion. The management of the casino has therefore decided to adapt and move a decisive challenge to the crisis.

It must also be noted that its clientele comes in particular from the eurozone and for the same it solves a simplification that facilitates the immediate approach to the gaming table.

All this while still discussing the result obtained by Sample in 2012, subject to scrutiny by the managing director Carlo Pagan, who remembers the primacy achieved in the market share concerning entries and receipts.

A result that demonstrates the fairness of the policies launched to cope with a crisis that has also been felt in Italian gambling halls in the light of an industrial plan that has started a development phase in all of the operating segments.

Both in the more traditional ones, such as gaming tables and slot machines, and those that are more tied to innovation, such as online games , the industry in which Campione has just received the license.

A development phase that also involved poker, where there was an interesting evolution that has led to a sharp decline in the average age of the clientele, with a generational replacement of consequences for the future.

In this framework, the project Verve, which, as explained by a note issued by the Casino Directorate, provides a series of saltings in the peninsula, with the launch of a satellite poker tournament circuit that will see Their own epilogue at Campione.

The same note, concludes by recalling that the company is preparing to celebrate the first eighty years of life, giving rise to a disposition that is not only more functional but also more attractive from the point of view, in the building of the genius of Mario Botta.

What changes for customers

This change, as has been said, has been strongly advocated by casinos who come mainly from neighboring Italy. The fact accounts do not change much, except that of course it is cheaper for Italians to play directly in euros than to buy Swiss francs, as the exchange rate would be unfavorable. To understand the extent of this change on the accounts of the Italian Champion Casino, however, we will have to wait the next few months.